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Why You Should Be Using Bongs For Your Smoking Sessions

Why You Should Be Using Bongs For Your Smoking Sessions

Bongs are a popular tool for smoking and have been around since the early 1930s. The bong is most well-known for its ability to filter smoke through water, which cools it down and makes it easier on your lungs. This can make smoking more enjoyable as you won’t have to deal with harsh smoke that could potentially cause lung damage.

Bongs also offer easy ways of regulating how much smoke is being inhaled, so people who want to limit their intake will find this useful. Since the dawn of time, weed has been smoked out of a pipe or in a joint. These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages – joints are more convenient but weaker while pipes provide more intense flavor profiles. But there is another option that some people might not know about!

Bongs are like pipes, but they provide much smoother hits than your average pipe because water filters out harsh smoke particles before entering the bong chamber where you take your hit from.

If you haven’t tried smoking with quality bongs yet, it’s worth picking up one to see how it compares to your regular method. And even if you don’t really enjoy using them for yourself, they make amazing gifts for any cannabis-loving friends on your list this holiday season!

Filtration and cooler smoke

Bongs offer the ability of being able to cool smoke down before it hits your throat. With pipes and joints, it is a notorious stereotype that many people will cough their lungs up when hitting it. When using a product with a filtration device, the smoke must pass through water to cool it off, before being inhaled at a much cooler temperature. This makes it very easy to inhale and take large hits, in contrast to pipes and joints making it difficult to do so. For smoother hits, consider using bongs for your sessions.

Cooler looking designs

Woman using a bong

Bongs are famous for their crazy designs and their intricate complexities pertaining to the function of the product. Some products are huge, with massive lengths, and others feature two chamber designs with ice cooling and removable stems. Products like these have more benefits when it comes to its use and will definitely stand out in your room. Do you want your bong to look like an octopus? Or maybe a dragon? There’s no shortage of unique options out there! You’d be surprised at what you can find on the market, and you will definitely be able to find a product that works best for you.

Filters out the bad stuff

Smoking anything is in general a bad idea for your lungs, however, there are ways to make it much safer and healthier. Bongs are able to filter out carcinogens in smoke by passing the smoke through water. Carcinogens are materials that are known to cause cancer and/or increase the risk of cancer. You obviously do not want to be inhaling this type of stuff, for your health’s sake. By using bongs, you are filtering out these carcinogens, as well as tar, making your smoking sessions less detrimental to your health overall.

Bongs are an excellent and fun way to light up. We hope you enjoyed reading about the many benefits of bong smoking, and that it has helped inform your decision on whether or not this is a lifestyle choice for you. If so, we urge you to be safe while using them! If you are considering buying bongs, do so. The benefits of using one outweigh the risks. With all that we know about how it affects your brain and body, there is really no reason not to buy one if you want to smoke weed for leisure or medicinal purposes without any side effects.