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What You Should Know About Cork Filler Board

What You Should Know About Cork Filler Board

Cork filler board is an excellent solution for expansion joints around concrete structures. Cork filler board is a high performing, and sustainable option that is compliant with the construction industries required standards of quality.

There are a lot of different industries and structures that can benefit from cork filler board around expansion joints. It is essential for the durability and safety of structures that expansion joints are installed correctly. If you’re not sure what an expansion joint is; it’s basically the elements of a structure that sit between a concrete slab or connector and other materials. Expansions joints like cork filler board are designed to help absorb movement and vibration and are supposed to account for the expansion and contraction of materials. Without an expansion gap, materials can crack or suffer from fissures.

The main idea behind expansion gaps is that they are supposed to create a void between different elements of a structure to prevent damage when materials contract under different weather conditions. Optimal performance requires the gap to be filled with a material that is elastic or expandable like cork filler board. Cork filler board is great because it is durable and capable of surviving for a long time and for that reason it is widely used both commercially and in residential buildings all around the world.

Why use cork filler board in expansion joints?

Cork filler board

Cork materials are designed to naturally accompany the movement of a structure. It is a material capable of compressing a lot, and recovering quickly which makes it perfect for expansion joints. It is highly resilient and has a very long average lifespan of more than 50 years without losing any of its natural characteristics. This is a great choice for high traffic areas and is very easy to install, in fact, it doesn’t even require any special tools which makes it an ideal choice for building projects as it will not require a lot of time and labour costs.

Best of all, the material is sustainable and actually has a negative carbon footprint. These joints are completely recyclable and even act as carbon sinks.

This is a product that outperforms many of the other alternatives on the market, including fibre boards and asphalt fillers. It beats a lot of other products in terms of recoverability and compressibility and is the best choice on the market for sustainability.

The demand for this process is getting much higher every year, and many countries are now embracing this solution. Cork filler board is now being routinely used in major projects worldwide and is fast replacing less green solutions. For businesses keen to maintain a much greener footprint this should be the option of choice.

What’s it made from?

This material is made from natural materials, in fact, it’s made from the bark of a specific type of oak tree which is ground down and compressed into blocks to be used in expansion gaps. The blocks are usually cut to a number of sizes suitable for use in construction. Common sizes are 10mm, 12mm, 12mm, 20mm, and 25mm sheets. This natural product is perfect for a range of climate conditions and has very few drawbacks. It’s also a very affordable building product. If you have an upcoming building project then it’s well worth considering using this in place of older styles of expansion gap filler.

Not sure where to source it from? There are a number of suppliers and manufacturers online who sell it at different thicknesses. We recommend shopping around to find the best deal to suit your needs.