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Scale And Clean – The Perfect Care For Your Teeth

Scale And Clean – The Perfect Care For Your Teeth

Scale and clean is necessary in the removal of plaque from the teeth. Overtime, tartar deposits are built up on our teeth and this is bad. Because as time goes on, the tartar which is made up of bacteria leads to diseases of the gum and even decay of the tooth.

As humans we eat everyday. During this process, some particles from chewed food gets stuck between two teeth. Calculus, plaque and stains grow around your teeth everyday. Brushing and flossing regularly will keep particles away from the teeth and also remove plaques.

Importance Of Scale And Clean

During consumption, bacteria in the mouth helps to break food down and acids are released in the process. The acids with time, slowly peels off the enamel protecting the tooth slowly. This will eventually lead to periodontal diseases. In such cases scale and clean is highly recommended. When done properly and timely will greatly reduce the risk of dental problems. 

Here we will be highlighting the importance of scale and clean and when it should be done.

  • Treatment of periodontal diseases: plaque, bleeding tooth, calculus, stains should be frequently removed and get rid of. Plaque is a sticky and usually white creamy substance. Plaque is basically bacteria. However, when undisturbed for a long time, plaque will begin to release toxins that will irritate the gum and give off an acid which will lead to tooth decay, a periodontal disease. Calculus otherwise known as tartar as people often call isn’t the same as plaque. It is really hard and can’t just be gotten rid of by regular flossing and brushing. Calculus looks like the deposits under a kettle. Unfortunately, brushing/flossing isn’t a viable option when trying to get rid of calculus; you will require a professional to have it removed from your teeth. Some of the foods and drinks we consume on daily basis like tea, coffee, red wine, are responsible for staining of the teeth. Some teeth brightening products only help decrease staining but cannot do a great job like professional scale and clean will do.
  • Detection of other dental complications early: A reasonable number of the Australian population has some tooth diseases or the other, but timely diagnosis can reverse most of the conditions. Professional scale and clean help dentists detect oral complications like oral cancer, cavities and broken fillings early. These are quite easy to get found out early but that is only if you go to the dentist early for services. Early detection can help to avoid complicated and costly procedures like root canal, and gum or tooth surgery.

Plaques form on the teeth in a continuous process. And as such the golden rule is that you must have a routine dental check-up with your dentist. He or she will determine if you need a scale and clean. 

It must be emphasized that it does not weaken the teeth but prevents tooth diseases to avoid complicated health issues.