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Importance Of Glass Water Pipes

Importance of Glass Water Pipes

Many people around the world use cannabis for various reasons. The number keeps increasing as more and more people find out the benefits cannabis has on our health. Therefore, if you use cannabis, know that you are not alone.

However, the difference comes in the type of method used to take smoke cannabis. There are various methods available to inhale marijuana, and the most common type is using glass water pipes. This method offers a fantastic way to inhale your herbs while enjoying the whole experience. Additionally, it is a healthy way to smoke weed as it uses water to filter the smoke.

Let’s learn more about glass water pipes in this article.

What are Glass Water Pipes?

A glass water pipe or bong is a device that is used to smoke substances, particularly dry herbs such as marijuana. The device features a bowl, stem, chamber, and mouthpiece. These features work hand in hand to provide an excellent experience when using the device.

You place your raw herbs in the bowl in preparation for smoking. The stem allows smoke to travel through once you heat the bowl. This smoke will then go through a chamber filled with water to ensure filtrations and purification. You inhale the filtered steam from the mouthpiece on the water pipe.

Glass water pipes, as the name implies feature a delicate glass material that can break upon impact. They come in various shapes and designs to make them suitable for different users. You can find some being quite nondescript with a minimalist design, whereas others feature a work of art design to augment your smoking experience. Besides, other glass pipes feature percolators to filter smoke more effectively.

It is worth noting that smoking from glass water pipes is not new. The practice dates back to ages ago when glass pipes were first used by people from Thailand. The pipes were first made from bamboo. But after numerous inventions and evolutions, the glass water pipes were born. Today, many people enjoy taking their marijuana from water pipes compared to other forms of smoking.

Pros of Using Glass water Pipes

Up to this point, you can tell how essential glass bongs are. The perks are too many for you to count. However, we are outlining a few benefits of using glass water pipes.

Get better with time

Like fine wine, glass water bongs get better as time goes by. Since the glass is exposed to heat and cold, the elements make it harden over time. What’s more, glass bongs can withstand pressure which ensures it doesn’t bend, crack, warp, or split after use. These features make the glass pipes quite durable.

Purest Flavor

Glass is made without additional chemicals, making it the best for smoking herbs as it doesn’t alter the flavor of the substances. In turn, you get pure steam for a superior experience.


You can use glass water pipes for years and pass them on to others when you want to upgrade. This can happen when you use them carefully without dropping them on concrete floors. This durability feature cuts down on purchasing costs.

Cools hot smoke

Many people can choke on hot smoke coming directly from a joint. To avoid this, glass water pipes cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth and throat. Hence, the smoke reduces the amount of irritation you experience while smoking.

Filters out chemicals

As mentioned, smoke passes through water before it gets to your mouth. During this time, the water filters out harmful chemicals to provide an unadulterated smoke form.

Great Hits

If you are looking for a fantastic experience, glass water pipes are your ideal go-to. They provide the right amount of hits depending on the level of expertise. This makes them the perfect choice for beginners.

Easy to clean

Given their transparent and simple design, you can see dirt and clean it out easily.