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How To Choose Opals For Sale In Australia

How to Choose Opals for Sale in Australia

Before buying opal items, you need to first have enough information about opals for sale in Australia. And since most transactions happen online, it is the more reason you need to educate yourself with opal information. Once you learn about opals, your buying decision is going to be breezy, whether online or from a physical location. Besides, the chances of you getting duped become low when you know what to look for in opals to identify their authenticity.

For this reason, you should find a website that includes different types of sellers from Australian miners to wholesalers and retailers worldwide. Buyers prefer buying opals through the internet to save time. As such, getting opals for sale in Australia through online platforms is becoming easier by the day.

Tips for Buying Opals for Sale Australia

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many people have become accustomed to getting most of their products and services online. You may wonder, does this include gemstones? The answer is simple. Today most websites with opals for sale in Australia often strive to ensure their product is authentic. That said, sellers sell their opals at standardized pricing to meet the demands of various clients.

Learn about the Types

Get enough information on the various types of opals available. You can get this information by learning about the brightness as well as its history and origin. Opals are grouped according to the place they come from. And it is worth noting that Australia mines about 97% of the world’s opals. The main ones include black opals, white opals, boulder opals, and crystal opals.

Know the difference between solids and doublets and triplets

Differentiate between solid, triplets, and doublets opals. Before going ahead to buy opals for sale in Australia, it is essential to learn the difference between these opals. Doublets and triplets display incredibly vibrant tones thanks to their dark backing. The dark backing enhances the opals, enabling their natural beauty to emanate from the gemstone. 

A solid opal, on the other hand, is a natural gemstone that is cut and polished without interference. Virtually all of them feature a natural backing (like rock backing) that highlights the colors of the opal from the inside. Knowing these facts ensures you choose better from the opals for sale in Australia.

Observe the Picture

Before getting into a buying agreement online, you should request the buyer to send you a picture of the opal they are sending on their palm. They can also use a neutral background to enhance the opal’s color. Darker backgrounds, preferably black, show clear views of crystal and Ethiopian Opals.

Body Tone and Brightness Rating

Another thing when buying opals for sale in Australia is to ask for ratings, particularly with Black opals. In this case, the Black opal should fall under the N1 – N4 black tone category. N5 to N7 is a rating for light-colored opals.

If you want to identify the opal rough’s brightness, you should ask for a picture of a wet opal. While the water improves the brightness of the opal’s color, it gives you an idea of the outcome after polishing. However, you don’t need to wet the rough boulder opal when it’s split. This is because the split displays clear and clean results.

Ethiopian rough is naturally a Hydroplane Opal, meaning, it easily absorbs moisture. Therefore, there is no need to wet the stone when taking pictures.

Now that you know how to identify opals for sale in Australia, buying them becomes easier. It is worth noting that the opal market is wide-ranging from the cheapest piece to the most expensive opal. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing these opals online to ensure you get the best outcome.