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Getting Started As A Mural Painter

Getting Started As A Mural Painter

When walking around the street, you might notice various drawings or paintings on walls that reflect the community in some way. These paintings on the wall are referred to as murals. Muralists are responsible for delivering this artwork. A muralist, also known as a mural painter, deals with fine artwork to deliver beautiful drawings on the walls, ceilings, or larger surfaces. The art integrates the architectural rudiments of space into a special design.

Murals clearly and outwardly portray craft and talent which are beneficial to both the community and the environment. That is why street and commercial art pieces are gaining ground today since they vary and are easily accessible for people to take in the beauty and enjoy. This, therefore, creates numerous opportunities for aspiring mural artists.

If you are a mural painter and wondering how you can break into the art market, then you are in the right place. We are going to discuss how to get started with mural art as a muralist.

Factors to Consider

Understand mural art

Many people confuse mural art with graffiti. Graffiti is usually a drawing on the wall displaying a message but is mostly illegal. This is because the graffiti artist leaves the message on walls without permission hence creating a sense of no control. Mural art, on the other hand, is applied by professionals on permitted walls to display various messages.


Mural art involves a lot of time, patience, and energy to accomplish good results. With that said, you should accept any help from a fellow mural painter to ensure great outcomes. When ideas come from more than one mural painter, it results in an excellent and unique performance.

Let art lead you

Delivering an artistic piece as a mural painter makes it more nourishing. This means that a mural piece should attract various people because it was drawn from the heart with passion. Therefore, if a brand has chosen you to deliver a message to the world, you should craft the mural as best as possible on behalf of the brand. Here, people will want to take photos near the drawing and share the beauty on various networks. This can only happen if you were inspired by your artistic mind while putting up the mural painting.

Begin at home

Charity begins at home. And for you to be a successful mural painter, you need to start local. You can do this by engaging with small business owners and the general community first. Doing this refines your aesthetics to produce excellent work. What’s more, it is a great way to practice skills and techniques to ensure more natural results. You can start with offices, restaurants, shops, among others, as they are all potential clients who will eventually build your name.

Understand Market Value

This is usually evident when it comes to pricing your work. Mural projects are demanding and require you to produce the best since most of them are permanent drawings. With sufficient experience and practice, you can deliver as required and price it right. This also depends on the materials to use and how much effort you put into the skill. The price should cover the materials and time spent. However, it is not always easy for a mural painter to negotiate effectively as they lack commercial awareness or confidence. This can result in undervaluing or overpricing the artwork, which is often risky.

A mural painter possesses an excellent sense of scale by integrating all aspects of their work to build a cohesive piece. They can overcome technical issues that come with wall or ceiling painting to deliver excellent results. What’s more, mural artists should be persistent as the mural projects take time to complete. Here, paying attention to every detail is key to delivering excellent performance. If you have the passion and the skills of a muralist, then there is nothing that can stop you from following your dreams.