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Everything You Need To Know About Maori Koru Necklace

Everything You Need To Know About Maori Koru Necklace

The Maori people in New Zealand are huge believers of symbolism. You will find a wide range of concepts that they derive from different natural phenomena as guidance for their lives. To make those guidelines an active part of their routines, they give physical forms to those concepts and one of them is Koru. If you ever see a Koru necklace the first thing that you will notice is the inward spiral shape that it has. The way it is made can be extremely diverse and you can find many examples of it. However, regardless of the general shape that the Koru necklace has, the spiral will always be there.

What does the spiral shape mean?

The reason this symbol is so important is that it represents a key part of their culture and lifestyle. The Koru necklace spiral represents a sense of continuity that they feel in every part of their lives. Whether it is the cycle of life and death, the stages of growth in a person’s life, or any other perpetual concept that affects their lives, the Koru symbol is used to represent it. However, it also represents other key concepts like a fresh start in someone’s life or new beginnings that can be caused by anything, be it something as significant as a marriage or something as small as a new day in the life.

What is the spiritual importance of Koru?

Perhaps the biggest reason why the Koru necklace is worn so frequently is the spiritual meaning it carries for the Maori people. The shape is derived from the fern frond of a silver fern from New Zealand. The unfurling characteristics it has at that young age represents a sense of purity and tranquility and even growth and personal nurturing. Another common spiritual meaning associated with it is that of positivity and spiritual awakening as well. The symbol of Koru is considered to be so powerful that you can also see it in moko, the most famous tattoo that Maori people use. Being a part of that tattoo makes it representative of a person’s authority and spiritual power. People also see it as a representation of their mana which is the prestige that a person has.

Using Koru in daily life

Given how strong a symbol Koru is, you can find many people using it in their daily lives. Even though tattoos are the most powerful representation of the Koru symbol, most people use them these days by wearing a Koru necklace. It is equally elegant, and you can find so many different shapes to choose from. The thing that matters the most in this regard is the material being used to make it. There are so many different materials, both natural and synthetic that you can see being used to create a Koru necklace. However, looking back at the culture, you can easily see that the most revered material for making the necklace is a bone. Some other popular options include red agate, black jade from Australia, the shell of a mother of pearl or a pacific pearl, and even wood.

Finding a good vendor

Finding a good quality Koru necklace can be a bit tough. Given how popular they are among people of all cultures, you can find many mass-produced options that are cheap and easily replaceable. However, if you are looking for something that carries spiritual meaning, we highly recommend that you opt for a vendor who specializes in such necklaces, preferably from New Zealand. The extra cost would also easily justify the level of craftsmanship that you will see involved in the finished product.

Thanks to the internet and global connectivity, you can easily find a good Koru necklace for yourself.