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3 Best Retro Styles You Should Try With Hair Salons Near Me

3 Best Retro Styles You Should Try With Hair Salons Near Me

You may have decided to take the big chop and try something new with your look at the hair salons near me. Change is necessary. Change gives you room to grow and become a better person – the person you are supposed to be. But it can a cluster of a mind field to decide where’s the next step moving forward. Even when it comes to your tresses. Should I get the 70’s look? Should I do the Twiggy thing and get a pixie cut? Have a unique look that’ll make you stand out and show the wonderful character that you are. We will determine and go through the layers of style options to choose from when it comes to your gorgeous locks. Unlock the potential of your locks with a new style to match a new era at these hair salons near me.

How to determine what style to choose at a hair salons near me

There are many things to factor in when it comes to picking the right cut at the hair salons near me. Face shape is massively important when it comes finding a style that suits you most. For instance, those with an oval-shaped face or a more spacious forehead could benefit with a fringe to decorate your locks. Those with round or heart shaped face, they could pull off a bob cut fair and square. Those with an accentuated jawline could benefit with a soft and wavy shag cut to compliment the look. The style you choose at the hair salons near me will be determined by the way it frames the shape of your face.

K-Pop Mullet

Woman getting a haircut in hair salons near me

Mullets are back, baby! At all the hair salons near me, more and more even women are taking on the retro 80’s look. They have revitalized this classic look with a much sleeker and tender look than the traditional cut. The classic Bogan cut has even translated across the world with many Korean Pop idols adorning the beloved bob. Mullets are best suited for those with diamond face shapes, however they can be adapted to shape the frame of your face to perfection. We must not mul-let get this style you could find at your these hair salons near me out of our heads; it’s here to stay!

Twiggy Pixie

Twiggy was the IT girl of swinging sixties. This is primarily because she had a cut that stood out like a sore thumb alongside all the long locks of all the women during that time. In addition to her bold eyes and extraordinary choice for eyeliner – she had own pixie cut to match which you can get at these hair salons near me. Her cut followed the norm of a pixie cut with an interesting twist; she had side swept bangs that really brought a whole new level to the look. It is tradition for every girl after going through a trauma (possibly a bad breakup), to take their long locks and buzz it all off for a pixie cut. It is the best style to showcase the raw beauty of your face and feel completely free in your own skin with the pixie you can get at these hair salons near me

Just Got Out of Bed Shag

More and more these days, women are having their reminiscence for the 70’s (even though they probably weren’t alive that time) by turning their waves into the form of a shag cut. The shag style which is highly popular at the hair salons near me, is a quintessential piece in rock and roll history with its never-ending layers and fiery shape. You’ll get the best shag of your life by adorning this nostalgic look.

There are so many retro styles to choose at your hair salons near me. From the mullet all the way to shag, you can make a change that’ll make you look like a vibe indefinitely.