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We at AFV Samsun help you get you the best services and advice possible for your next home renovation.

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We provide electrical services which enable you to ensure that there is brightness all year round in your home.

Plumbing Services

Our plumbing services will solve all your needs when it comes to showers or taps as we understand the importance of having clean water.

Flooring Repair

Floor describes the beauty of your house and it is extremely important that it is done right and we make sure that we do it right.


We are the best home improvement experts since 1997, and this 20+ years of experience in the field has exposed us to the idea of helping homeowners what they need.


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I have always believed that getting a professional work done is the best for your home and getting your home improvements done by AFV Samsun is like the cherry on top.

I have a family to support and cannot be the one who spends a lot on home renovations but AFV Samsun provided with the best improvement inside my budget and the kids love their new home.

I looked into a video and decided that I can DIY and renovate my own home. Bad idea! But AFV Samsun took it into their own hands and renovated my house. Highly suggest that you get a professional for your home improvements.


Vector Illustration For Isometric Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Concept.

Some Reasons To Try To Work For A Blockchain Development Company In Sydney

Working for a blockchain development company in Sydney provides a variety of different benefits, and there are many reasons to strive to do so.
It is currently one of the most sought after technologies in the entire world due to its ability to be applied to numerous different industries. Learning this skill and working for a blockchain development company in Sydney will guarantee a number of benefits such as job security, high salary, and so on, as it is highly in demand at the moment and looks to be further applied in the future, meaning the industry is very secure.

Here are some of the reasons to try to work for a blockchain development company in Sydney.


High demand for it

Ever since the introduction of the technology, people have been constantly looking for a blockchain development company in Sydney for consultations on its application to their industry. It is a booming sector due to the realisation of its application to numerous industries and the benefits that it brings. Because of this high demand, the demand for jobs involved in a blockchain development company in Sydney is very high and job security is extremely high too. People who have any form of specialization in this technology are being sought after greatly by various different businesses and it is unlikely you will ever struggle to find a job at all and/or career progression opportunities and advancement.


More industries will join in

Every day, a new blockchain development company in Sydney is finding new applications for its technology for new industries, and it is inevitable that other industries that have not yet applied this technology will join in and find a use for it. Industries such as the supermarket industry, energy resources, insurance, healthcare, etc. could soon all be joining the trend, as these industries definitely could find a use for a blockchain development company in Sydney to apply its technology. An application could be the ensuring and maintenance of transactions within the industries.



A blockchain development company in Sydney is able to create superior cybersecurity for a firm through the use of its technology, and this is one of the primary reasons that it is so popular amongst so many industries. The majority of businesses run on transactions and it is these transactions that are the lifeblood of the businesses. As a result, any attack or a breach in these transactions creates a significant problem for the business and threatens the business entire. This technology is able to decentralize important information making it much more difficult for hackers to breach transactions, and they are able to occur without the threat of attack. Cybersecurity is also high in demand in the jobs sector and will continue to be in the future due to constantly evolving technologies; therefore it is another good reason to strive to work for a blockchain development company in Sydney.



By working for a blockchain development company in Sydney, you will learn all about the base technology behind cryptocurrencies. This is because cryptocurrencies are based on this technology and this is how people found out about it. By knowing how it works, you will be able to make smart and informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies and this will help you to make money.

In summary, working for a blockchain development company in Sydney presents many benefits and should be highly sought after. These include job security, high in demand, high salary, and creating skills that are especially useful in this day and age.

Sydney Wedding Photographer Holding His Camera

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Sydney Wedding Photographer

Sometimes brides are so excited to start planning their big day that they rush straight in and don’t take the time to find the right Sydney wedding photographer. This can be a big mistake. Any decent Sydney wedding photographer will tell you that it’s not a one-size-fits-all art from and that taking the time to find someone you’re comfortable with, who fits your budget and your preferred style can make all the difference. These are the photos you’re going to keep for the rest of your life of one of your most cherished memories so it’s a good idea to take the time to ensure that you don’t fall prey to shady operators, common pitfalls, or make any mistakes.


One of the best ways to avoid a misstep when it comes to choosing a Sydney wedding photographer is to do as much research as you possibly can before you decide. That means speaking to as many professionals as you can, getting different quotes, and checking out plenty of portfolios. Taking the time to think about what you need and who you want to work with can save you some serious time, money, and heartache.

You only get one shot at getting your big day right, so here are some of our top tips for avoiding any mistakes when it comes to booking your Sydney wedding photographer.


Find someone who cares about your big day

wedding photographer taking prenup photos

You want to find vendors that care about your big day and will go the extra mile to ensure the day is as special as it should be. Finding someone that truly cares about finding someone interested in you and your partner and not just about your budget or what print sizes you’ll be buying.


Find someone you like

Another important tip is to find someone that you gel well with when it comes to personality. You’re going to be interacting with this person a lot on your big day, so make sure you get along with them and that they’re going to bring the right energy into your day. You want someone who is fun and upbeat. Your vendors should add to your day and make you feel comfortable, not stressed out, or upset.


Find someone with a style you like

There’s a lot of different styles out there, from moody styles to black and white, romantic, candid, and beyond. Check out the different styles of your potential Sydney wedding photographer choices and figure out what you like. You should also check out what kind of shots they like to take, do they tend to go for more indoor shots than outdoor? Do they like to get lots of detail shots, close-ups? Every artist and their style is slightly different, it’s important you find someone that connects with what you want to see out of your photos.


Find someone with the right packages options

Sydney wedding photographer and his team taking prenup photos with the couple.

It’s important to find a Sydney wedding photographer with the right options for you, this means looking into the package options or even asking questions to see if you can get exactly what you want at a price you can afford. Many vendors will have standard packages such as eight to ten hours of shooting time, photobooks, and more. Some will offer extras like engagement shoots, videography, and more so it’s worth asking questions especially if there are things you want to include, or maybe leave out.


Make sure they have a clear contract

When it comes to choosing any of your vendors it’s essential that you have a very clear contract in place and that everything is in writing, don’t agree to anything without a signed contract!

Will And Testament

Why The Executor of Will in NSW Does Not Have to Stress

It is perfectly natural and understandable for the executor of will in NSW to find themselves in a stressed state.

Amid the grief and anguish of the loss of a loved one, they have now been handed the responsibility of managing the deceased estate and carrying the expectation that comes with the role.

For people who do find themselves in these situations, they should understand that they do not need to feel stress or anxiety.

With help at hand and a healthy amount of time afforded to them and others, they have the opportunity to diligently follow through on each stage without being rushed or pressured for an immediate outcome.


Starting With The Basics

There is a tried and trusted formula that is evident for the executor of will in NSW to follow. Without being overwhelmed about the case, they can operate in the knowledge that there is a process adhere to, allowing everyone to focus on the present task rather than the future responsibility. It will begin with the arrangement of the funeral. Then there is the notification to the beneficiaries. Probate status for the Will should then be certified. After that phase, the goods and property of the estate is to be managed. Items will be evaluated. Then the assets are distributed before the matter is finalised.


9-12 Month Time Period

man while signing his will in front of his executor of will

The good news for those citizens tasked with acting as the executor of will in NSW is that they don’t have to rush the entire process inside a couple of weeks. This is a scenario which has to follow through on a range of activities that has up to 12 months to bring into effect. Given the potential for complications that can include contests and challenges to issues with tax returns, income valuations and a range of other logistical stumbling blocks, the state of NSW does afford an entire year to give participants some breathing space and a chance to assess at each phase.


Working With Beneficiaries

For a majority of cases, there will be multiple beneficiaries listed on the document. As the executor of will in NSW, these individuals are strongly advised to work in close proximity with these participants in order to manage the situation and alleviate the pressure. They should have a duty to assist in these circumstances given their family affiliation. From a purely selfish perspective as well, they could stand to benefit financially as well, providing an incentive to see the will certified with assets distributed.


Deceased Estate Can Cover Key Costs

One of the great concerns that the executor of will in NSW might have with certain duties is that they will have to pay out of their own pocket. Especially for those who are already under financial pressure, the idea of engaging funeral providers and debt collectors can feel like a daunting responsibility. Fortunately, participants in this role are able to use the funds from the deceased estate to cover those key costs. This will give them the confidence to take on the role of the executor of a will in NSW without the fear of covering debts on their own behalf.


Hiring a Legal Representative

Men and women who have been given the task of acting as the executor of will in NSW can turn to professional help in order to see the process through. Legal representatives are in a position to manage these cases for their local constituents. By bringing their experience and expertise to the table, they will ensure that each task is overseen and that no one is left in the dark about which role is which and who is entitled to what.



6 Domestic Homeowners Tips for Buying Gas Hot Water Systems

Homeowners who are looking at integrating gas hot water systems are in for a treat.

These models outperform their low-pressure counterparts due to a couple of key differences.

Their flow rates are superior and the high pressure offers more consistent quality of product out of the tap.

However, that knowledge is just the starting point as local residents can take note of tips and tricks to find the right product for them.


1) Checking Brand Performance

It is only when a homeowner has a complete 360 degree picture of the market that they will know where to start with gas hot water systems. Checking for brand performance should be part and parcel of any customer exercise, but with a project with as much at stake as these models, it is imperative to see which outlets are actually offering value for money. Taking note of feedback left on Facebook and Google will offer insights into price, installation help, longevity of product and much more.


2) Home Assessment  – Vented vs. Unvented

Before rushing to decide on the type of brand that is available for gas hot water systems, it is important to assess the two different outlets that are on the table. There will be the unvented and vented models that offer two different operations. The vented cylinder saves space with no loft tanks required, offering no risk to the pressure build up and no unique installation processes whatsoever. While the unvented system will still offer heated water to all outlets, there are installation and maintenance challenges without the help of a high-pressure storage cylinder.


3) Domestic Storage Space

woman taking a shower

These hot water systems will be placed into categories according to cylinder size. From the smallest of outlets around the 20 litre range all the way up to the 80-100 litre designs, constituents need to determine where they can position these assets and what will be practical to access. Clients situated in small townhouses and units will find this domain a particular challenge, so it is necessary to take stock of what domestic space is available for storage.


4) Energy Efficiency

The better the level of energy efficiency with gas hot water systems, the longer the product will last for the homeowner. There will be a correlation between size and efficiency in this setting because the larger the outlet, the longer it will take to produce the heated water source. The best approach in this respect is to contact a specialist in the area and see which models outlast the rest of the competition.


5) Local Installation Assistance

The installation of the product and the scheduled maintenance checks should form part of the discussion when deciding on gas hot water systems. This should be a seamless process that integrates perfectly into the mains pressure infrastructure that the home has access to. Rather than being diverted to random and faceless corporate representatives, it is necessary to deal with real people at a local level to oversee these duties.


6) Upgrading Potential

For households who operate under a low pressure model, there is scope to upgrade to gas hot water systems. There will be fees involved in such a project, but those who want to take advantage of this access are advised to reach out to a specialist local operator and see what stages need to be engaged to make that a reality.


Homeowners must understand that the quality of gas hot water systems are determined by the quality of the supply. Once this is compromised, the entire infrastructure will struggle to perform as requested. By following these tips though, residents will have peace of mind in the knowledge that their access will be optimised when the supply is running to capacity.


Storage Facility Full Of Stuff

How to Optimise Your Newcastle Storage Unit

Community members of all types are able to take advantage of Newcastle storage units.

From homeowners who are undertaking some spring cleaning exercises to small business outlets that need to hold onto additional stock prior to clearance, these facilities offer a perfect solution for all parties.

For all they stand to offer local clients, they are still underutilised and undervalued by those who continue to use the locations.

Rather than allowing these spaces to go to waste, it is a valuable exercise to read up on some tips that illustrate how they are best applied.


Knowing The Newcastle Market

Step number one that any home or business owner should make with a Newcastle storage unit is shopping around for a good deal. Prices will vary in this competitive market for container and facility sizes, modes of access and how they are kept secured. It is easy to settle for a storage provider because it is close to home or offers a low flat rate, but what is their real point of sale and is there value to be had objectively speaking? Ratings and reviews online will help to shed light on this subject.


Adopting a Safe Removal Process

storage facility

Half of the challenge with using a Newcastle storage unit is finding the energy and effort to move stock from point A to point B. If there are problems with this very basic task, then the whole exercise can feel like a waste. Many home and business owners will either move collections in stages or hire a truck for major removal projects. Speaking to the business about their services can help to identify more value with the provider while optimising the space to its maximum potential.


Saving Additional Space

It is always best practice to have additional space with a Newcastle storage unit, even if it is saved for contingencies. The costs and the logistics involved to hire a new unit will make for a frustrating experience, so acquiring a unit that offers additional room will help clients that need peace of mind for their storage. Especially for those emergencies when items have to be packed inside at the last minute, there is no need to be left short when there are varieties of size ready to be utilised.


Respecting Residential & Commercial Space

The capacity for clients to make the most of their Newcastle storage unit is understanding that it is there in the first place. So often households and offices will put up with clutter because there are items that might one day be used for something. Yet there are others who recognise that certain products are seasonal, including mowers, plastic pools and Christmas tree decorations. Hiring or purchasing these units is an exercise is cleaning and clearing a room to ensure that it is running at its absolute best for all parties. Rather than making these spaces a one-size-fits-all endeavour for one set of products, feel empowered to store goods and junk until they find an ultimate purpose.


Keeping in Contact With Local Provider

Rather than being caught off guard by a new set of procedures, a change to billing or the opportunity for new containers and facilities to be accessed, it is beneficial for the client to remain in regular contact with the provider of a Newcastle storage unit. Some participants will be happy to allow their goods to sit inside the facility without any interruption, but regular checks and consistent communication will ensure that individuals are not given a surprise. That is where real value can be found with a Newcastle storage unit.



Advantages Of Adding A Pet To Your Home

Pets indeed bring a lot of joy into our lives by just being themselves. They can be some of the cutest and also the most amazing beings on the planet. They always make us laugh, and they comfort us so well without even knowing what they are doing. Whether we are ill or healthy, they are always there. They are also some of the most loyal beings that we can befriend and love. Because humans have a bond with pets, it makes us wish that pets had a life span like us so that they could live with us forever. Not everyone can exactly understand the bond between a pet and their owner unless they’ve had a pet of their own.

In this article, I have talked about all the benefits of adding a pet to your household. They will always be there as a security feature to your home whether you want them to protect you or not. They can sense if there are any dangers and they will notify you. In this context, by ‘they,’ I mean dogs. Your furry friend’s number one priority is your safety because they love you and loving you is all that they know to do. Dogs have been deemed the most loyal creatures ever for this particular reason. They will never betray your trust.

They will surely keep you fit and healthy. Dogs need to be walked. They always prefer if their best friend, which would be you, walked them. They want your companionship, and if you walk them, they will surely start trusting you more and more. I have seen so many dog owners that walk their dogs without leashes because they trust their buddy, and the dog also will love their buddy and will not want to run away.

If you get a dog, your kids will have tons of happy memories, and your kids will never be lonely. If you are not married and if you live alone, you should totally get a dog because they will make sure that their companionship is very present in your life and therefore you will never be lonely. You can notice how much they miss you just by noticing how they act when you reach home after a long day of leaving them alone.


They help a lot in getting your stress levels down; just go home after a long and hard day. Play with your pet for some time and then contemplate if your stress levels are the same as before.

They help you make friends. You end up meeting a lot of people when you are in the dog park or walking your dog.

They make you a more responsible person.

They will make you feel safe no matter what.



Advantages Of Implementing Solar Panels To Your Home

Going solar is one of the best things that you can do because you will be utilizing the sun’s energy where so much of it is going to waste. It is indeed a great idea to harvest the sun’s sort of endless energy and convert it into electricity and use that, instead of using fossil fuels to generate electricity. This is using up all the fossil fuels in the world, and it is also polluting the environment.

In recent years the solar market in the United States has grown by almost 80%, and this number is staggering because it seems like people finally understanding what the solar energy market can do and how useful and green it actually is. No other market has seen this kind of a high in the last couple of years. Below I have provided a list of reasons why everyone should go solar and never look back.

You will end up saving thousands of dollars. By adding solar panels to your residence, you can actually bring in more than $100 worth of savings in a month. Think about 20 years, which would be a typical solar panels warranty and it amounts to over $25,000. In the island of Hawaii people have reported that they save over $64,000 in the first 20 years and this amount is amazing because this money could be put aside in a savings account and it can help you later on.

There is a significantly low payback period. If you opt to pay in cash, the payback period would be 10 years.


It significantly increases home value. Solar panels are the new trend, and they are also catching a lot of attention because of just the way they are and what they do. They do indeed look cool on your home. When one buys a home with pre-fitted solar panels, this translates to no electricity charges and that is why the selling value of a home is certainly a high amount. Multiple studies which were conducted in the last couple of years concluded that homes which were fitted with solar panels sold much faster than ones that didn’t, even though the ones that had solar panels were costlier.


Solar panels have been known to be a secure investment that a lot of people want to get into. Utility companies are very notorious for constantly fluctuating electricity prices. This has become a trend. If you have panels, you will not have to deal with all of these issues.

You are guaranteed to have energy 24/7, and you don’t have to deal with power cuts of any sort. You will be totally independent when it comes to energy for your home. All in all, solar panels prove to be fantastic additions to your home.

Roof Garden

Benefits Of Adding A Roof Garden To Your Home

We are all about making a home beautiful and green but haven’t you ever thought it was challenging to do because most of us live in a concrete jungle. Well, it’s possible even if you live among concrete buildings. You can start implementing plants in your home, and it would do you a lot of good. Maintaining plants within cities is undoubtedly something that most people are doing nowadays, and it is being recognized worldwide. This has proven to improve the air quality and ultimately reduce the heat in really hot areas of the planet. When you take a walk in a park or in an area where there is a lot of greenery you will notice that the air is really cool and you can feel the non-polluted air which is so fresh, it makes you feel great for some time. That is exactly what fresh and clean air feels like, and we should all strive to make this happen in a lot more places in the world, especially in our cities.

feel great

This is when rooftop gardens come into the big picture, and these are prevalent in large and developed cities. Here are a few benefits to having rooftop gardens no matter where you live.

Rooftop gardens have been known to look great, and they also have been proven to have a great view. They give you a way to enjoy an entirely peaceful time, even if you are in the heart of the city. Beyond decorative benefits, it has a lot of impressive and also important advantages.

It will give you a lot of happiness because it poses as a hobby that you can have to pass the time. You can grow all sorts of plants which can give you flowers and fruits.

In addition to many other advantages, these rooftop gardens have been known to decrease pollution levels and also completely reduce the stress levels of all the people who are involved in it.

Rooftop gardens have been known to contribute to the filtering and also the reduction of air, which is polluted because of engines and emission or fossil fuels and other harmful gases. Green roofs have also been known to reduce the distribution of dust into the air, and there is also a reduction of smog levels, and this would lead to the significant decrease in greenhouse emissions in a lot of these urban and densely populated places.

Rainwater is mainly wasted in cities, but with rooftop gardens, it is not completely wasted. The garden uses the rainwater, and when they do, they don’t have to be watered for some time. They have also been known to retain water.


How Often Should You Actually Re-Paint Your House?

Your home should be on the list of your top priorities of maintenance because every home is a haven for relaxation and good memories. Painting your home is one of the best ways you can maintain it and improving how it looks. But this feat can be time-consuming and also a tad inconvenient. But fret not it is undoubtedly more straightforward than it seems; it is also quite satisfying to see that you will have clean and dirt free walls in just a few hours. It is also a significant investment that adds to the exterior integrity and also the market value of your home. It can easily be considered as a great asset. In this article, I will discuss points which tell you to look out for points as to when you should re-paint your home.

great asset

If you are noticing any flaking or cracking of the old paint, you should consider that this is a signal of dry rot or even mold which is usually caused by faulty weather-proofing. Harsh weather situations like very strong sunlight and even some very cold winters and if you live close to the ocean, the humidity will get to the paint of the house and cause a whole lot of problems. You need to make sure that the weather-proofing outside is done right and then the paint on the inside of your house will be fine. Make sure the proofing is fixed before you put in new paint.

When you notice that the paint is waning, you should consider chipping out the old paint and put in some new paint. Sun bleaching is very common, and dark hues of paint tend to always fade faster than the lighter, paler ones. Fading of paint on the shady parts of the house indicates that there is a lot of vapor and also water involved. Look out for mysterious stains and dripping of water on the paint.

You should probably think about re-painting the exterior of your house to boost up the curb appeal. If the house looks faded, it will not stand out; instead, it will look bad; if you want your house to look good consider painting it with bright colors that are easy on the eyes. It should also be pleasing.

If your house is new, contractors spray just one coat of paint over the wood or concrete. You should totally put in another coat of premium and weather-proof paint so that your house is properly protected and you have nothing to worry about later on.

Painting your home will make it feel like you are getting a new house and that can be one of the reasons to paint it a new color.